The company ES KOMERC ltd. was established in 1992, during a period of great recession in our country´s economy. Prior to 1992 ES KOMERC ltd. was a part of JUS 3 ES company, from Prijepolje, whose core business was real estate development.

Inital trading

At the company's inception, the main target market was Montenegro, due to several reasons such as: market proximity, relatively good lines of communication, a well developed system of distribution chains, good quality and affordable price of goods, business stability etc. As the business developed, and the distributive network towards the buyers grew, so the need for a greater number of employees and a wider asortment of goods became apparent.

"Vračar" store openning

With the constant and successful growth and an increase in sales new retail stores begin to sequentially emerge first in Prijepolje, and later in Priboj and Nova Varoš.
First "Vračar" store was opened in 2003 in the centre of city, subseqently it became a flagship store that has been the spring board for several new store oppenings

Retail chain

At present, ES stores are unique due to their visual trade mark identity. A truly characteristic look of the store space is achieved through the implementation of world class goods positioning to maximise sales, promotion isles with the products on monthly discounts, as well as celling mounted signs that make spatial orientation easier within the store.

Standards before everything

Satisfaction, quality, professionalisam, and an ethical treatment of all our business partners and buyers are our company motto.
Basic principles that we adhere to are:









Our consumers' opinion

In the focus of our interest the priority goes to our consumers. We are making daily efforts to continuously improve on our mutual relationship, so that we will always provide them with the best, we must earn their loyalty and trust, by providing them with nutritious, healthy, safe and affordable products and by treating them in a manner we would like others to treat us, fairly and respectfully.

ES KOMERC, famous for being a favourite regional shopping place. A deserved leader in sales of domestic goods.

Tradition and recognizability
ES KOMERC has been building its brand successfuly for years

New investments, new triumphs!
Agricultural business devolopment with the objective of utilization of regional natural resources.